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Danielle Summer House App;- It’s time for Danielle Olivera and Robert Sieber to get their lives back on track! This month, the Summer House cast member said that she and her partner are moving into a new home in an Instagram post, which she confirmed.

Danielle Summer House App
Danielle Summer House App

As of November 27th, Danielle revealed the exciting news on her Instagram Stories, along with a glimpse inside the migration process. Robert and she are still packing up their East Village apartment, which they are now renting, as you can see in the picture below. Danielle shared a photo on Instagram with the caption, “Today’s problem,” showing a rack of garments on the floor next to a pile of trendy shoes.

Carl Radke was the name of Danielle’s ex-boyfriend.

For Danielle and the rest of the group, Chef Robert prepared a delicious meal that left everyone speechless. Roberts’ friendship and cuisine were well-received by the other participants. Carl Radke, Danielle’s ex-boyfriend at the time, has been out and about with her during her stay at the residence. She and Robert travelled to Park City, Utah, for a month in January. The New Yorker took to social media over her Christmas break to showcase some of the highlights of her trip.

For the first time this winter, Danielle got behind the wheel of a snowmobile and captured some stunning images of the surrounding region. She had a couple of months of vacation planned in Mexico after returning from Park City. She was a guest at a combination bachelor/bachelorette celebration for two of her friends who hope to tie the wedding later this year.

However, despite not receiving as much attention as other characters, Danielle was able to strike a healthy work-life balance. With her mother and grandma, she took a weekend trip to Mexico after spending time with her lover in Park City. On the other hand, her technical work as a product manager continues to be excellent. For the first time in her life, Danielle has it all: a steady job, close friends, and a long-term relationship with a supportive spouse.

Danielle Summer House App
Danielle Summer House App

“Robert and I are moving next week!!” she said, referring to her and her husband. Ahh. Her blog, Danielle Olivera Documents the Very Stressful Process of Moving to Her New Brooklyn Apartment, chronicled the arduous process of moving into her new apartment with her boyfriend, Robert Sieber, in December 2021. However, only a few days after the couple had begun to feel at home in their wonderful property, they were met with yet another substantial change in their living conditions.

The Summer House cast member disclosed in an Instagram Q&A session that Robert had moved into his new Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment [on December 1st] and then packed up and relocated to Aspen, Colorado [on December 5th]. After answering “a lot of questions” in an Instagram Q&A session, she said that Robert’s decision to move to Aspen full-time had been met with “a lot of questions.”

“The Snow Lodge in Aspen, Colorado, and the Surf Lodge in Montauk, New York, both employ him as their executive chef and culinary director, respectively. For the summer months, he’ll be in Montauk, returning to his hometown in April and taking some time off.”

Robert Sieber’s appearance on Summer House’s April 15 episode was the first time the show’s viewers had seen him this season. Towards the end of the summer season, Olivera’s lover Sieber moved in with her and her friends for a few episodes, joining them for the last few episodes of Season 5.

Although Sieber was a newcomer, Olivera said that he immediately adjusted. “I think that I was genuinely anxious that he wouldn’t adapt well to the setting, and that includes not just the [cast], but also our crew,” she remarked in an interview the day before his first episode aired. “To be honest, I was ecstatic when he revealed himself to be such a goof. He was gifted from birth.” When he sees himself, I suppose he has a panic attack.”

Despite the idea that Olivera and Sieber were just recently seen together on Summer House, this season was really filmed months ago. How long have Sieber and Olivera been dating? We delved further into the matter to discover the answer.

Her words, “We live together, but we’re also separated by a big distance,” were poignant. This is ridiculous, but “we’re getting there.” No other details were provided by Danielle, but we have a feeling their new house will be just as gorgeously decorated as their first one together was. When the Summer House beauty first showed off the apartment’s stunning interior design in April, it included a custom neon sign with the couple’s initials that was made just for them.

Danielle’s job title at Summer House has not been revealed.

Despite the fact that Danielle Olivera describes herself as a project manager on LinkedIn, it is not clear whether she works for a corporation or as a freelancer in New York. The fact that she hasn’t taken the step of creating her own company means we can rule it out. she’s a Scrum Master with a degree in software product management (SPM). 2016 saw the release of both of these products to the general market. At present, she is working in FinTech, according to her LinkedIn page.

To be sure, Danielle is respected for her ability to just show up when something has to be done. One of the few victors in 2020 was Summer House’s Danielle, who managed to get a second season of the programme. An ardent supporter tweeted throughout the month of December 2020: “Go girl, give us nothing!”

Summer House fans appreciate her because she’s honest, a little quirky, and doesn’t bring as much drama as some of the other cast members. There is a lot of debate over whether this is a good or bad thing. This does not rule out the potential of Danielle becoming embroiled in Summer House pranks despite her lack of interest.

Danielle Summer House App
Danielle Summer House App

For one thing, Danielle works from home, so she can spend time with him for “long(ish) periods of time,” but “it is still hard to see him while he is working his ass off.”


But despite her fame, Olivera’s chef-partner has developed a successful career in the kitchen. In New York City’s Chelsea district, Sieber is listed as an executive chef on his own website. According to Robert’s description, he incorporates Mexican and Asian flavours into his dishes while still using classic French and Italian cooking skills because of his cosmopolitan upbringing.

He emphasises the need of combining locally obtained products with foreign flavours in order to produce a healthy and straightforward supper. Robert’s favourite hobby is cooking. He likes putting his own unique spin on classic dishes and delighting his guests with how well the disparate ingredients work together.” To put it simply, Olivera and Sieber met for the first time when Sieber was working for a production company. In the presence of a hot cook, “you pay notice,” she added. Follow Robert Sieber on Instagram at @robertsieber to see what he’s up to.

Danielle and Lindsay Hubbard discussed their current predicament on Summer House’s January 24th episode while Robert was visiting the house. In her aggravation, she said, “Everything at work is continuously so up in the air. As a matter of fact, I’m pleased to see him.

“However, I’ll take everything and everything I can get!” she said. His accomplishments have made me proud. Yes, I’d want to watch Summer House in action. Each week, Bravo broadcasts a new episode at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT, and you can view past episodes on the Bravo app.