Route 224 Brilliant Diamond

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Route 224 Brilliant Diamond;- In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, players will eventually encounter an NPC that will prohibit them from advancing to Route 224 in Sinnoh. On their way to Victory Road, players may expect to see the Elite Four and legendary Champion Cynthia on Route 224.

Route 224 Brilliant Diamond
Route 224 Brilliant Diamond

Route 224 is blocked by an NPC that must be defeated by collecting the National Pokédex. Getting into the National Pokédex involves completing the Sinnoh Pokédex in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, which requires players to encounter every single Sinnoh region’s 150 Pokémon.

Even if they don’t catch all 150 Pokémon, they’ll run into them at some point throughout their journey. The majority of Sinnoh’s Pokédex should be completed by NPC trainers participating in combat. If a player has completed the Sinnoh Pokédex and is at Sandgem Town, they can speak with Professor Rowan, who can aid them in their journey.

As a token of appreciation, Professor Rowan will provide the player with a copy of the National Pokédex. To go to Route 224, one must first collect the National Pokédex, which removes an NPC that was impeding their path.

Route 224 is referred to as what in the dazzling diamonds game?

Information found on the internet suggests that route 224 is an option for anyone traveling via a certain stretch of the victory path. It is tough to complete this course because of the numerous string trainers that must be fought and the surrounding deep forest and sandy beaches that must be traversed. If you have successfully completed the trail and gotten the Oak’s letter from the tree, the pokemon will be revealed when you open the sea break passage.

BDSP Route 224’s post-game, which includes a Battle Tower, new Pokemon to catch, and the completion of the National Dex, gives a compelling motivation for players to return to the game over and over again.

Route 224 extends eastward from the western end of a small peninsula on the same island as Victory Road. In the Sinnoh region, it has been characterized as a miniature version of it. The path’s conclusion has a white rock you can look for.

Route 224 Brilliant Diamond
Route 224 Brilliant Diamond

If the player has the event item Oak’s Letter, the existence of Professor Oak will be revealed here. An identical rock has been found in Kanto, and the player will be asked to put the name of someone they are thankful for on it. The Seabreak Path is revealed near the end of the journey, which is then completely covered in flowers. This unlocks the Flower Paradise, where the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin may be captured.

Route 224, a new section in the Pokemon BDSP post-game, allows players to catch new Pokemon and develop their team against stronger opponents. Here, you’ll learn all you need to know about the BDSP Route 224 in Pokemon BDSP, including how to get there and where to find the many Pokemon that inhabit the area.

In the Pokémon BDSP, the glitch occurred on Route 224

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Route 224 was a dead-end in the original Diamond and Pearl unless the player received the Event Item Oak’s Letter, which could only be gained in a side mission. For those who have the Sea break Path and Flower Paradise item, capturing the legendary Pokémon Shaymin is now possible.

Shaymin may be changed from Land Form to Sky Form by using a Gracidea Flower, which can be purchased from an NPC in Floaroma Town. An NPC in the town of Floaroma provides players Gracidea Flower that may be used to change Shaymin from Land Forme to Sky Forme even though no official event has been mentioned for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Route 224 Brilliant Diamond
Route 224 Brilliant Diamond

Using the Hidden Surf, players may go to the Seabreak Path and capture Shaymin in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Travel to the Sea break Path and capture Shaymin using this bug. This isn’t the first time that a problem allowing Shaymin to be captured using Surf has been exploited. When using the glitch to catch Shaymin, players should be mindful that if they’ve already defeated the NPC trainer Black Belt Carl, they will not be able to do so.

On the subject of Route 224

There are several spots in the Pokemon games where you may pick up new items for your Pokemon. The inclusion of such elements heightens the overall appeal of the game. Take, for example, Route 224, which is one of the most challenging areas to get to. Route 224 is sometimes referred to as Sinnoh Region in miniature. Victoria Road is located on the island’s east side, while the peninsula is located east of Victoria Road.

The players are on the lookout for Route 224, but they should be aware that an NPC stands in their way. You must first obtain the national Pokedex and then defeat the Elite 4 if you wish to get rid of an NPC. In order to better understand how to go to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond, we will first review the national dex.

For this bug to work, players must fight the three NPC trainers in front of Black Belt Carl and then return to him while pressing A on their controller. Combat with him will ensue, and the player will have to win it to progress. A message should appear after the players have been defeated asking whether they wish to Surf.

Route 224 Brilliant Diamond

The Pokedex in Sinnoh contains 150 Pokemon. Most players will end the Elite Four with anywhere between 130 to 140 Pokemon if they don’t actively dodge every single trainer and every single patch of grass that they can locate. All 150 Pokemon can be found on all versions of the game—even those only accessible in one version—and the Pokedex isn’t too far away from being finished.

The National Dex, which contains all 493 Pokemon from the first four generations of the Pokemon video game series, may be unlocked if you’ve seen 150 of them in your Pokedex.

In order to obtain a Pokemon Brilliant Gemstone Route 224, the following must be done:

The rough and woody stretch of Route 224 will be replaced with a flowery path after you reach the finish line via the victory route. In order to achieve the route, follow these steps exactly.

One of the first steps is to reduce the ‘Waterfall’ in the Pokemon League. The ‘Victory Route,’ which leads back to the starting point, must be followed after that.

Visit the south side of the building for the next step. If you had to cross the bridge, that may come in useful. Use the ‘Rock Climb’ command to descend the steep hill once you’ve passed the bridge.

Step Three requires you to visit the spot where you first observe the elder standing, as well as obtain the Pokemon Brilliant Gemstone Route 224. Stay focused on the stairs and your feet on the ground.

Route 224 Brilliant Diamond

If you find the ‘National Dex,’ you won’t have to deal with any NPCs in this step. As a result, you’re able to focus solely on the route ahead of you. There is a destination at the end of the street.

Don’t forget that you’ll have to deal with some harsh trainers along the way. You should read the full blog to have a better sense of what is going on.

Travel to Sandgem City and chat with Professor Rowan about your experiences once you’ve encountered all 150 Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokédex. While he’s applauding you, Professor Oak from earlier games will emerge.

A new National Dex from the first four generations of games will be yours, allowing you to expand your collection of Pokemon for the first time. Pokemon BDSP won’t have the ability to import Pokemon from other games until February 20,202, when the Pokemon Home feature will be released.

Shards have been found in the Grand Underground after thorough exploration. The fact that these are quite easy to obtain means that you should be able to acquire all the legendary Pokemon in a short period of time.

The entrance to Victory Road Cave in Pokemon BDSP

Route 224 has been added as an alternate route for players to choose from instead of Ramana’s Park. The only way to get to Victory Road is to enter the cave on Victory Road. To go to the Pokemon League, you may have encountered an obstruction along the path; this obstruction has since been removed, and you may continue on your journey to Route 224.

To go to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond, what’s the best route to get to it?

The steps necessary to get a National Pokedex, a need for route 224, were outlined in the preceding paragraph. Use the Fly HM to reach the Pokemon League after you have the national dex. Route 224 may be reached by doing the following steps:-

Immediately after reaching the Pokemon League, proceed towards the waterfall and into Victoria Road. Once you’ve crossed the bridge, head south. Using Rock Climbing as a means of descending the mountain is a viable option.

After that, you’ll see the Elder make their way towards the elder. After finding the stairs and ascending it, you will go down the path. When you get to this point, you’ll run into an NPC who is blocking your way. How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond says that after exhibiting national dexterity, the following actions can be taken (see below for more information).

Once you’ve reunited with Marley, he’ll follow you until the chamber’s finished and help you find the exit. Once you’ve reached the end, walk up the stairs and away from Victoria Road. There will be two more rooms to navigate through after that. After that, you’ll be back on the 224.


Route 224 is only accessible to players who have completed the National Pokedex and beaten the Elite Four. This article has provided all of the necessary information on how to go to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond in order to reach route 224 safely and efficiently.